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I’m sorry Panthers fans but you guys suck!

The Panthers just played a horrific game tonight against the Buccaneers. Somehow they had a chance to win the game on the last play of the game. They played so bad they did not deserve to win the game. Not to mention they ran one of the worst plays possible to try to win the game.

This is actually comical. The Buccaneers suck and yet the Panthers ran such a bad play they could not score. I am just making fun of this last play but Cam Newton is starting to prove that he is not a starting quarterback anymore. Ever since his MVP season, that was probably a fluke, he has gotten much worse. His clothes get crazier but his play gets worse. I’m not a Panthers fan but trying to watch him tonight pissed me off. He looked horrible. Clearly his team thinks this too because they didn’t trust him with the ball to win the game. Unfortunately he is to big of a name to get rid of so the Panthers are stuck with him for a while. On the good side though for Panthers fans you guys have an excuse to fire Ron Rivera who has quickly become a god awful head coach. The way things are going this looks like it will be a long season for Panther fans. I just want to leave you guys with a picture of your “star” quarterback


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