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The Titans are about to fool us again

The Titans are notorious for playing like a different team each week. One week they look like a playoff team and the next you just can’t watch them they are that bad. Week one this year they destroyed the Browns. This is a bad sign. As I talked about earlier in the week tons of people just assumed the Browns were going to be legit this year, which so far they have proven otherwise. Instead of just saying the Browns suck and the Titans got lucky they played a bad team fans all over are thinking like idiots. Instead, tons of people think the Browns are still a very good team and now the Titans are some sort of god squad. The Browns are one of the few teams that can lose by 30 and their fans blame it on them playing a good team and people just go with it. The Titans have been doing this same thing for 3 or 4 years now. They like to play good and get everyone’s hopes up and then stink it up. I know tons of people are going to look at next weeks matchup against the Colts and say it is an easy win for the Titans. I am here to make a bold prediction though. The Titans will lose this game and it will not be close. I think they will lose by at least 10 points. I’m warning you now to not pick the Titans this week and I will look like a genius during the game this week.

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