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Lebron is that one awkward friend that takes jokes way to far

Well, Lebron has found a way to ruin one of the only things I liked him for. He somewhere along the way decided that he should trademark a very popular phrase that he did not come up with. I knew Lebron was not a smart man but he took the time to try to trademark a phrase he has been yelling into a camera for a month now. I scream touchdown sometimes when I watch football so I’m thinking about trying to trademark the phrase touchdown. I’m doing the same thing Lebron did. Also, I would like to add that the whole Taco Tuesday bit was normal when it was just his family but he started doing it in public and it is weird. I like that he took time to trademark all of this because now I have a legit excuse when I call Lebron an idiot. Now I just need the season to start so I can make fun of the Lakers.

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