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This man is ruining a football team in front of our eyes

The Jets could not have started their season off in more of a New York Jet way. They missed every kick they took in the game and blew a 16 point lead to lose the game. Most teams would be very upset but Adam Gase has taken being upset to another level. He has broken a golden rule which is to never make a trade with the patriots. If the Patriots make a trade with you then they know something you don’t and they make you look silly. The Jets who are also massive rivals with the Patriots decided that trading with them was needed. The Jets got Demaryius Thomas who is washed up at this point. But the chaos did not end there. They also cut their kicker to make a statement that his performance was not acceptable. The kicker did have a bad game but it is such a fake statement that no one else is threatened. Of course, they will cut their kicker who is meaningless and not an actual position player on their team. Plenty of guys on the Jets had a bad game but the kicker was cut. If you are a starter on the Jets you should not feel threatened at all. Adam Gase is just going to keep making random moves to the team instead of coaching them. This team on paper looks pretty good and they desperately need a coach and Gase is not and will never be that guy. I think there is no chance Gase will be coaching this team next season. If they can just find a decent head coach that can work with a young quarterback in Darnold then I think they will have a bright future.

For now the Jets are stuck with this man

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