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Jon Gruden’s celebration after the first game is all time stupid

How can anyone watch this video and think this is okay. Jon Gruden just won a game by 8 points against a team with one of the worst starting quarterbacks in the NFL. I can not stand that raiders fans now think their team is better than the Patriots. When they scored a touchdown late in the game the fans started chanting “Fuck AB”. AB has moved on and does not care anymore since he is gone. Raider fans act like they do not care but they keep attacking him which makes me think most fans do miss him. If I was a raiders fan I would be so embarrassed by this. Your team played their hearts out and barely won a game against a horrible team. Also, your coach is running around acting like he won the super bowl. Wait till next week when you guys play the Chiefs. Mahomes will single-handedly destroy the Raiders and it will be great. I’ll check back in a week with Gruden’s reaction after next weeks game to see if they are “better than the patriots”.

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