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What happened to the Browns?

The Browns have been one of the worst teams in the NFL for years. Last year they won 7 games and then got Odell and then pretty much every casual NFL fan assumed they were going to win the super bowl this season for some reason. Today in their first game of the season the real Browns showed up by losing by 30 to the Titans. The whole team looked like a mess. Baker looked lost, The defense got torched by Mariota and Odell was too busy flexing the 350k watch he was wearing. I think that last year might have been a fluke. It is similar to the Jaguars of two years ago that got to the AFC championship and then looked like a high school team the next year. The Browns didn’t achieve that much last year but I think they could be on pace for a worse year. Looking at how the rest of their division played they should be worried for the Ravens. They destroyed the Dolphins which doesn’t mean much since it is the Dolphins. But anytime you can win an NFL game by 49 points your team is legit. The Browns have a lot of things riding on this season. Odell is trying to show he is not a curse and Baker is trying to prove he belongs a the top of the NFL. I think people have given them expectations that are way too high. They have a brand new head coach and a really bad offensive line. That is a recipe for failure no matter how good the rest of your team is. Next week is a very important matchup for the Browns. They have a primetime game on Monday night against another overhyped team in the Jets. If they start 0-2 this is going to show that this team is not anywhere near where anyone thought they were going to be. If they can win I think I will have a little more belief in them, but I need to see them put a couple wins together to see this team as everyone else sees them.

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