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The Miami Dolphins are an experiment team

The Miami Dolphins year after year do things that make absolutely no sense. I often find myself seeing a dumb headline and quickly realizing it is just the Dolphins doing their daily dumb activities. Today’s headline put me over the edge though. Somehow the Dolphins have decided it is a good idea to recruit Jadeveon Clowney to their team. There are so many things wrong with this I don’t even know where to start. First, the Dolphins are a professional organization and have all the statistical analysis available to them. I’m convinced that they just close their eyes and pick names out of a hat filled with overrated players in the NFL. For example, they decided to spend their entire free agency going after Ryan Fitzpatrick to be their short term quarterback. He is incredibly overrated for what he did in those three or four magical games last season with Tampa. But the move wasn’t that bad until they decided that one overrated QB on the roster was not enough so they gave up a second-round pick to trade for the overrated young guy in Josh Rosen. This team has made it clear they are rebuilding and don’t want to win. So giving up a couple picks to get Clowney will easily help that process? Nope, it will not. They probably will give up their first-rounder this year which will be top 5 and Clowney does not make their team better. He is easily one of the most overrated players in the league. He has never gotten double-digit sacks. Jason Pierre Paul gets more sacks and he only has one and a half hands. I don’t even want to get into who the coach is for Miami cause I don’t think he was even qualified for the job. I think he was an equipment manager for the Patriots and the Dolphins saw that he worked for the patriots so he got hired. Honestly, I just want football to start. I can’t stand watching the dolphins have a non-losing record. Something doesn’t feel right seeing them have the same wins as losses right now. All I am saying is that football needs to star quickly so the Dolphins can get the crap beat out of them for America to see.

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