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The mystery of David Johnson continues?

For the last two seasons of fantasy football David Johnson has been incredibly disappointing. This has been due to injuries and having a bad offensive line. While you cannot account for injuries and his offensive line has not gotten better I am still very high on David Johnson this year. He is my RB5 and I think he could easily be the RB1 by the end of the season. This whole idea contradicts my biggest rule when it comes to fantasy football that you should only draft running backs in good offenses. I did break this rule after getting Marlon Mack in a mess of a colts offense. Besides that though I think despite the O-line this is a great offense to be a part of. Kingsbury the new head coach is all about running the most plays as possible. While other coaches have tried it and their teams have not been successful it has always seemed to work for running backs. When Chip Kelly came to ruin the 49ers for a year. Carlos Hyde had a breakout year in the broken system. The same happened in Chip Kelly’s first season in Philadelphia. LeSean McCoy had his best season ever with Chip Kelly as his head coach. I think Kingsbury is a much better head coach than the first-class idiot who is Chip Kelly, but their offenses are very similar so it is an easy comparison. David Johnson does not need to be elite this year. He is going to get so many touches in the new offense he just has to be a little above average and he will be great for fantasy. With a new and exciting offense that Kingsbury brings to this lackluster Cardinals offense, I think that this offense and specifically David Johnson is ready to explode this year.

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