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Is Antonio Brown safe for Fantasy?

Antonio Brown has been one of the best receivers in football over the last couple of seasons. Despite this, over the last year, his play has come second to his off the field actions. He finally caused the steelers to get rid of him cause he was too much to deal with. Now that he is with the Raiders he is doing the same things again. The NFL has made significant changes to the helmet list for this season. They banned helmets that player like Brady, Kamara, and Brown wore last season. Brady has said he is not happy with the change and has moved on. Antonio Brown, on the other hand, had to do his own thing and decided to boycott football until he could wear his old helmet. He says that all other helmets make it hard for him to see, but no other receiver in the NFL has publicly complained about this too. This makes me wonder if he wants to play football anymore. I am one of the top Raiders haters. I love to see when the Raiders mess up. When they traded for Brown I was shocked that they had made a pretty good move for once. Looking back now the Raiders must be scared at what will happen. They made an effort to win now which very rarely happens in the NFL but is still possible. On top of that, they convinced the NFL that Brown no longer had off the field issues and now not even a week into training camp he is holding out. I understand that he has said he will move on and get ready to play now, but there is no way that anyone puts up this much of a fight and then just gives up like nothing happened. While he might have lost the helmet fight I am willing to bet he has a list of 100 more things he is willing to fight for to get the attention on him and do not have to play football. I think he realizes that it was not the situation with the steelers that caused him to become unhappy, instead he did it to himself. His love for football might be gone and by picking a fight over a helmet and just leaving training camp just points to him wanting to get away from football. If you are still wondering too I will not draft Antonio Brown this year in fantasy.

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