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Stay away from Le’veon Bell

Le’veon Bell singled handily lost tons of people their fantasy football leagues last year. He understood this and came out and apologized and promised to win people their leagues this year. People saw this and suddenly thought that this is the guy to get in fantasy this year. In my opinion, this could not be further from the truth. Le’veon Bell has been one of the best running backs in the NFL in the last 5 years. He missed last season due to a contract dispute with the steelers and then took less money to sign with the Jets. There has to be some reason he did this though. Maybe the Jets are a better team or maybe they have a great head coach. Neither of these is true. The Jets were 4-12 last season which was the third-worst record in the NFL. Also, they got a new head coach Adam Gase who ran a promising Miami team into the ground. Also, the biggest thing that hurts Bell out of all of this is that Gase has publicly said that he did not want to sign Bell. This to me looks like Le’veon Bell has found himself in a horrible situation. Despite this people think that he is still a top pick for fantasy this year. I can see Bell still having a great year but I see him consistently going in the top 5 in drafts and I don’t understand why. Don’t get me wrong Le’veon is a good player, but he is in a horrible situation. It’s just like David Johnson last year: a good running back in a horrible situation. Most of the time it can be hard to separate the running backs from each other since they are all very similar. While there is no 100% working method to get this right the best thing you can do is see if the running back is in a good or bad offense and then go from there. Le’veon quickly fails this test which is why I will be staying far away from him in drafts this year.

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