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The Rockets don’t want to win

The Rockets got rid of Chris Paul finally which was long overdue. They traded him and a couple picks to OKC. OKC now has a washed-up Chris Paul and like half the first-round picks for the next 5 years. In all of this though the Rockets got the former MVP, Russel Westbrook. I have made it very clear before that I think Westbrook is one of the most overrated players in the NBA. I understand though why the Rockets made this trade. They are very desperate now to win. The NBA is pretty open now after the fall of the Warriors. With their roster before the trade, they were not seen as contenders by many people. With this trade, they put a bigger name on their team. I don’t think they got better with this trade, also though I don’t think they got worse. I think this trade was an attempt to bring hype around this team. This is not the only reason but I think this was the main factor for them. Westbrook’s stats have always made him look a lot better than he is. I think the Rockets had to make a move or they would fall off. Teams like the Nuggets and Bucks have flown under the radar this offseason and a lot of people forget about them despite them being two of the top five teams last year. Lots of NBA fans have the attention span of a four-year-old. NBA is the sport with the most bandwagons by far. When a team does not make a move they lose out on lots of potential “fans”. Chris Paul is not the name he once was. Getting rid of him for Westbrook was not purely a basketball move. Westbrook is a very good regular season player. When the playoffs come around Westbrook has failed to amaze. He puts up crazy stats but can never get out of the first round. People never want to blame Westbrook but when he is taking like 30 shots a game in the playoffs and only score 30 points a game you’re not going to win many games. At the end of this Westbrook rant, I can conclude that the Rockets probably will win a ton of games in the regular season and people will laugh at me for this opinion. All I ask is wait till the playoffs then we will see how good this Rockets team is.

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