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The NBA Awards are Becoming Meaningless

First of all congrats to Giannis Antetokoumpo for winning MVP this year. Everybody knew he had won it for a while now and that is part of the problem. Three years ago the NBA decided to have a big award show after the playoff had ended. For the first year, it was corny but the idea was good and people were excited about it. This year was the third year of it and it has gotten worse. The jokes are the same every year. They just clown Charles Barkley and Shaq for two hours. If you can suffer through this you can see them give out the big awards that we all knew the winners for back in January. The NBA tried to copy the NFL award show that has been successful for that time it has existed. They have done a good job following the model. Where they failed was when they host it. The NFL hosts it right before the super bowl when the viewership of the NFL is at an all-time high. Even still many people believe this is still too late to give out awards. The NBA took it another step further when they decided to host it weeks after the finals have ended. The NBA takes pride in continuously telling the fans that all awards are regular season awards. Despite this, the regular season ended almost three months ago. Most people do not care about these awards in the first place since it is always very obvious who will win them by halfway through the season. To not give these awards out as soon as possible makes no sense. The MVP used to mean so much more when they help the big press conference and then the next day before the playoff game the gave the MVP a big standing ovation. I remember to watch Steph show off his second MVP before the game in the first round of the playoffs. This was exciting since basketball was still being played and there was hype around the sport. Right now there is now hype around the sport. No one cares about these awards anymore if you give them out a couple of weeks after the season has ended. The MVP is becoming less and less exciting for the fans to see who wins. All the NBA has to do to bring back this excitement is just giving these awards out sooner.

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