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Why do teams still want Kyrie?

Kyrie just two summers ago was considered by many as the best point guard in the game. As he left Cleveland and went to Boston many people saw him as a future MVP of the league and Champion in Boston. This could not have been further from the truth. Kyrie saw most of his stats hit a career-high in Boston but these were just tricks. His stats went up but a team that had high expectations never won with him. They looked their best when he was not playing. Kyrie was considered a big-time playoff performer, so this year was his first shot in the playoffs with the Celtics. Kyrie played horrible. When I watched him play it felt like he never made a shot he missed so many. There is one stat the is called offensive win shares. This shows how many wins the players’ offense contributed to. Kyrie was so bad in the playoffs he was negative. His offense lost his team games. After all of this has happened he is a free agent this offseason. He has now “ghosted” the Celtics organization, which is good because that franchise should want him gone. Both teams in New York apparently want him and there are even rumors he wants to play with Lebron again. First, with the New York rumors, there is no way he goes to the Knicks because all of their plans have fallen apart and they are still a mess. The Nets though are a team the whole NBA has praised o how they built a playoff team with no lottery picks and finding undervalued players. People now are saying that they are willing to throw away all of that and sign Kyrie. This blows my mind. He is not a top 3 point guard in my opinion and he is not worth throwing away tons of hard work to sign him. He just failed in the playoffs with a much better team than the Nets have so why would the nets suddenly think he will succeed with them. Finally, my favorite rumor with Kyrie is him going to the Lakers. Kyrie left Cleveland to show he didn’t need Lebron to be a star, if he runs back to Lebron and goes to the Lakers I think the NBA should ban him from the all-star game. If he goes back to Lebron he is showing he is no longer a star and that he should never again be considered one. This seems extreme but Lakers fans and Lebron fans are so stupid. If he signs with the Lakers they will act like he is the best point guard in the NBA and that they will never lose a game. But these were the same people during the playoffs saying he was overrated. In the end, I hope he signs with the Lakers since he will show everyone that he can not win without Lebron.

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