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Knicks fans need to learn that their team is a joke

In every sport, there are a couple of teams whose fans believe that they will never lose a game or will sign and trade for all the best players no matter how bad their team is. Knicks fans have taken this to a whole other level. They have not made the playoffs since 2013. David Lee was an all-star for the Warriors and Dwight Howard and Steve Nash were trying to help Kobe win his 6th ring. This was a long time ago and the NBA was very different. Last season they won 17 games, which was worst in the league. They traded away their two best players for Dennis Smith Jr, who they passed on in the draft two years ago. They do have some decent young players but no one that has proven they can be built around. They also have no one who averaged above 15 points last season. For some reason, despite all of this their fans thought they were contenders for the finals next year. First, their fans thought they would get the first pick. This plan failed when the Pelicans jumped up half the lottery and got the first pick and the Knicks fell to the third pick. So now the missed their chance on Zion. They will be left with RJ Barrett who is still a really good basketball player but knowing the Knicks there is a strong chance they blow it and they pick someone else and mess up the draft like always. Next, their fans thought they were going to trades for Anthony Davis. This was just an all around stupid opinion since their offer compared to the Lakers was laughable since they had not true trade assets. Finally, the Knicks fans looked to Free Agency. According to them pretty much the whole NBA wanted to sign with them. The two big names that were always being thrown around were KD and Kyrie teaming up there. As free agency gets closer it is becoming more and more obvious how this will not turn out well for the Knicks. Kyrie is going to probably play in New York next year but it will be in Brooklyn. Kevin Durant though I think will sign with the Knicks. Which is great for them that they are signing a top-five player in the league. But if you forgot Durant just tore his Achilles so he will not play next season. The Knicks are not afraid to spend and have shown they will overpay anyone they like. So Knicks fans next season when you have KD on the bench all season watching Al Horford and Harrison Barnes help the Knicks improve to 18 wins I will be laughing.

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